Fear the Walking Dead - Pilot (S1E1)

Episode 2 · September 1st, 2015 · 1 hr 38 secs

About this Episode

 <p>Episode 1 of Fear the NthCast!<br />

It's the inaugural episode of our Fear the Walking Dead companion podcast. We cover the pilot episode in depth.

Do we think Travis & Madison are good leads for the series? Why is Nick wearing a blouse in the opening scene? How on earth did the old man not see Nick before he ran him over? I mean really! Would you break & enter into a creepy, abandoned church to verify whether or not you main squeeze's druggie son is telling the truth or just crazy? For brownie point...maybe.

All these questions are answered and so much more...

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Thank you for listening & tell your friends to give us a try. We'll see you next week for episode 2!

*Note: Toward the end of the episode we had an audio quality issue and nearly lost the last 5-6 minutes. Lucky we had a back up recording, however it's quality is different from the rest of the episode. And now you know the rest of the story...

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