Fear The Walking Dead - 'Not Fade Away’ (S1E4)

Episode 5 · September 22nd, 2015 · 1 hr 4 mins

About this Episode

 <p>S1E4 of Fear the Walking Dead - 'Not Fade Away'</p>

Was Episode 4 a colossal WTF for you? We skip ahead 9 days and the Military is in control and everyone is in quarantine in one of 12 safe zones. And L.A. sure got quite. No sirens...no walkers... where'd they all go? Who is suing the light that Chris sees? Is it Tobias? (Spoiler: Hope it isn't Tobias because, well, you saw the end of the episode...) We see Nick still struggles with his addiction and Madison is tired of his BS...Liza just wants to help, but makes a weird choice. Overall, kind of a weird episode. Not bad, but not excellent...

Did you feel like this was a filler episode? Will you stick with it or are you losing faith in the series?

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