Fear the Walking Dead - 'COBALT' (S1E5)

Episode 6 · September 29th, 2015 · 59 mins 1 sec

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 <p>S1E5 of Fear the Walking Dead - 'COBALT'</p>

Note: Please excuse the weird, intermittent hiss in the background. Our apologies for the lower than normal audio standard you are accustomed to hearing from us. We are ashamed and it won't happen again. - Josh & JD

We see the characters true colors really start to come out in this episode. Is there a difference between evil and fear? Do you think Daniel is justified in his information gathering methods? Is it ok that Maddie just kinda let's him do his thing so she can get Nick back? Travis seems to start to grow his pair back and that was good to see. And we get introduced to a new character, Strand. Do you hope he sticks around for a while? He's a survivor.

What about the reveal of COBALT? What did you think? Was it a let down that it offered no clues to either the cause or possible cure to the outbreak.

Can't believe the last episode of season 1 is almost here. Are you as bummed as we are that the season was so short? Grr!

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