Fear the Walking Dead - 'The Good Man' (S1E6)

Episode 7 · October 7th, 2015 · 1 hr 23 mins

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 <p>S1E6: Fear the Walking Dead - 'The Good Man'</p>

Season 1 is over! What did you think? A lot on things happened, but the most important is that Travis finally realized the world has changed. This was a fairly strong episode overall albeit with a handful of weird choices by the characters. A nice bookend to the season. Speaking of the season, what did you think? Good, bad, or just meh?

Season 2 holds a lot of promise (please give us walker pirates!) and has a lot that needs to be answered.

Don't forget that Fear the NthCast is seasonal as well, so there won't be a new podcast episode next week. We do plan on doing monthly recaps of TWD, so there's that to look forward to...

Oh, and Josh is well aware of the fact that the movie, Dr Strangelove, was released in 1964, not the late seventies, as he mentioned.

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